My professional experience began in 2005, shortly after graduating from college. In the Prince William Public Library System, I have served both the print and web divisions, creating a variety of material for both departments. I have created graphics from scratch and used stock graphics and typography in creative ways. Also, I've organized large amounts of data (by way of the Calendar of Events and Digitial Library) in print and web versions. In addition to designing, I have coded most of the HTML and all of the CSS in the web department, and have created and modified ASP forms, and have learned jQuery and incorporated that into the site in my time there.

Since leaving PWPLS, I've remained hard at work, publishing several dozen stories via Amazon and Smashwords, writing several novels, and producing a variety of artwork. I've successfully run two Kickstarter projects, raising a combined total of nearly $20,000 in funds, while organizing production and shipping of nearly 600 rewards for backers.